The Savvy & The Chic Vol.1 *mixed by Hektor Thillet*


The Savvy & The Chic Vol.1 *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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1- Histoire de Rien (ft. Barbarella) by ditto ditto
2- I Got Chu ! (ft. Melody Romancito) by Loveshadow
3- Black Is The Night [Omni Vista’s Deep Mix] (ft. Dj Vadim)
4- Madrugada [Matrixx & Dappa’s Brazilian DiscoHouse Remix] (ft. Tamy Odea)
5- Graphic Design (ft. kfunque) by Fourstones
6- For you, i’ll go there (Perro Space Disco Mix) (ft. J.Lang)
7- Double Dragon (ft. Sunbyrn) by Charlie Bit Me
8- Fall To Pieces (ft. Rebecca Law) by Justin de Guzman
9- Café Connection (ft. Morusque) by Travis Morgan
10- Be Brave [Dub-TripHop RMX] (ft. Norine Braun) by Antony Raijekov
11- Night Lover (ft. Frank Carter III) by Cag
12- The Sweetest Sin (ft. Trifonic & Amelia June) by Loveshadow
13- On the 131 [Unreal DM’s Jazz/Rock Mix] (ft. Ciggi Burns)
14- Out of Time [Matt Fatt Drummer Boy’s Lament Mix] (ft. KatazTrophee)

Album Info:

The Savvy & the Chic Vol.1 is a downtempo/lounge album compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet featuring music from exclusively(year 2009).
All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by Hektor Thillet.


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