The Savvy & the Chic Vol.3: Carmen *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

This release of TSATC is a mother’s present of sorts… My mom hasn’t been in the best of shapes lately [she’ll survive]. But! Since I am her biggest fan, decided that my next mix of “The Savvy & the Chic”, would be dedicated to her. So-Here it is! My focus for this one was “the Latin culture” and it’s delicious blends in music with the rest of the world. Volume-two was a glimpse of things to come. Volume-three is the whole 2-cd of the idea realized. I thank everyone over at ccmixter, for their contributions, and for making such groovalicious music. Of course, I thank you the listener as well; you keep the grooving-moving. Enjoy-gracias.

P.S. The album artwork, produced by yours-truly, features the muse [my mom] in my FRIDA-esque of goodness & warmth.

The Savvy & The Chic Vol.3: Carmen CD1 *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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1. Carmen – Hektor Thillet ft. La_Puerta
2. Quantified – Asteria (TheLaw Mix)
3. Samba do Aeroporto (Pra Gringo Ver) – Gerador Zero
4. Loving Man – Alex ft. Ciggi Burns
5. Who Am I To Disagree – Minimal Art ft. Magda Szukics
6. Today – Spinningmerkaba ft. Essesq
7. When I Look Into Her Eyes – Falik
8. Motherless Child – The.Spirit.Of.Light ft. Innabar
9. Carta de Don Quijote a Dulcinea – GranadaDoaba ft. Hektor Thillet
10. PodeQueimar – Alt-Control-Delete ft. Delve
11. Till My I & Eyes Die LoveShadow ft. Kaer Trouz
12. Oslodum 2004 – DJ Dolores
13. Oslodum – Gilberto Gil

The Savvy & The Chic Vol.3: Carmen CD2 *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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1. F.J.C. (Flaneur Jockey Club) – TRZ ft. Celio Jones
2. Recommencer (Mosquitomix in G) – BOCrew (Ditto Ditto Remix)
3. Solito – Hektor Thillet (Kojo Akusa Nylon country Mix)
4. Berimbau – Inverted Silence & Jim Kang
5. No Quiero Mas – Tenny ft. Hektor Thillet & Ana Franco
6. Shayef Nafsak – Mentor Records (Scamper Remix)
7. Wayo Wayo – Andrew Franco (Sharp’s Start Select Mix)
8. Scared of my Own Blood – Sunbyrn (Emiralp Minimal Dub Remix)
9. Marionette Man (TUP Passion Mix) – Mabhiza ft. Suzi Q, Mr. B
10. Don’t Look Down – Kojo_Akusa ft. State Shirt
11. Ser Livre – Hip Hop Mandando Fechado em Saude e Sexualidade
12. GuiTerra – In Silico
13. Yage Cameras – Apollo Nove (Hisboyelroy’s Fractured Rework)
14. Nadeya – Funky Lagos ft. Mentor Rrecords

Album Info:

“The Savvy & the Chic Vol.3: Carmen” is a downtempo/lounge album compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet featuring music from exclusively(year 2009).
All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by Hektor Thillet.

*Album Artwork created by Hektor Thillet*

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