The Savvy & the Chic Vol.4: Visceral *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

*Album artwork donated by Leonardo Thillet*


Hello, everyone out there following this little musical blend of spices I like to call The Savvy & the Chic. So, to tell you, that my mixing wheels finally got going again–after  a crazy and self-extended holiday season, and this new mix has spawned out of it!

The new mix, titled VISCERAL, is an exploration of the more reflective moods in music concerning feelings and intuition: the reflective, the emotional, the angry, the emotive, the perceptual, the visceral. Spending the holidays in Florida with my best friends got me in the mood. Florida/my friends/and the type of life-style I experienced there is most definitely an era I remember in a visceral way. I thank the artist at for supplying the matter that brings all these emotions to life. I thank you for listening and hope you float away in a visceral wind with this album.

The Savvy & The Chic Vol.4: Visceral *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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Album Track Listing

Lullaby – Ghost
Pink Clouds – Lazztunes ft. Christina Courtin
Sooner or Later – Geert veneklaas ft. Christina Courtin
Static Attraction (StereoKinetix Re-Fix) – Vanchy ft. A Minor Theory
These Are The Moments – Omnivista ft. Loeshadow
Magic In Your Eyes – MCJack in the Box ft. Frank Carter III
Chuva de Estrelas – Lavoura Eletro
Do You Believe In Wa And Art And Love – Palisa de Hills ft. Ciggi Burns
Pool of Love (Nulounge_Treatment) – Four Stones ft. snowflake
Discreet Homecoming – Ghost
Just Not Right – Turkdirty
The Message – SHAD0W C ft. Asteria
Polaroid Lucid Dream – Geert Veneklaas ft. Neurowaxx
What did You Say? This is Hip Hop – Munhoz
Comin’ 4 Your Crown – Ashwan
In My Dreams – Stefsax ft. Silent Shadow
Six Feet Under – Jaspertine ft. Liquid Spy Network

Album Info:

“The Savvy & the Chic Vol.4: Visceral” is a downtempo/lounge album compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet featuring music from exclusively(year 2010).
All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by Hektor Thillet.

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