The Savvy & the Chic Vol.6: Exotica *mixed by Hektor Thillet*


“Think eclectic. Think glamour. Think Wild. Think avant garde. Think outside of the box. Think exotica.” – Hektor Thillet

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Photography – cc Web Souces
Digital Art and Retouching – Hektor Thillet

The Savvy & the Chic Vol.6: Exotica *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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Album Track Listing

1 Novita – Hektor Thillet ft. Luke Tripp and Dr. Emiliyan Stankov
2 La Flor – Hektor Thillet ft.Mystro & SUKI
3 Saxo – Dyonix ft. Bradsucks
4 43 After Nine – Yurigara
5 Chemma_Chi (Disturbed) – DJ Rkod
6 The Universe is Larger – Calling Sister Midnight ft. Snowflake
7 Jack the Slack – Vincent Vega11 ft. Overpop
8 Sepia (beat_rebel_remix) – Kojo Akusa
9 Sometimes – Airtone ft. St. Paul
10 Efficiency – Alex Beroza ft. Project Question
11 Test Drive – Zapac
12 In a Latin Summer Night – SCmixer
13 La Sombra del Amor – Loveshadow ft. Elvia Vargas
14 Lisa & Us – Mandala_Underground ft. Lisa Rein
15 Luv ’em or Leave ’em – SackJo22 ft. Neurowaxx
16 Wired And Twisted (freestylemix) – Justin kayes
17 Tell Me Why – @nop ft. Suzi Q. Smith
18 Pequennas Alas – Duckett ft. Silvia O
19 Suitcase РGeert Veneklaas ft. Anchor M̩jias & Innabar
20 Granados Spanish Dance – Keyborg

Album Info:

“The Savvy & the Chic Vol.6: Exotica” is a downtempo/lounge album compiled and mixed by Hektor

Thillet featuring music from exclusively(year 2010).
All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by Hektor Thillet.


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Thank you for tunning in–you keep the grooving-moving.

-Hektor Thillet

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